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Hi, my name is Fredo Houben. I'm a creative Dutch guy living in Amsterdam.
I work as an independent Visual Designer. I provide creative services for both business and
the entertainment industry. I also create cool toys and concepts with

My services
Graphic Design / Concept Art / Branding / Icon Design / 3D graphics /
Animation / Illustration art / Art Direction / Consulting

Companies I've worked for include
Nintendo / Microsoft / Sony Europe / Lego / Peugeot / Heineken /
ABN Amro / Rabobank / Nederlandse Spoorwegen / VPRO / 3FM / ING /
Land Rover / Sanoma / Mobypicture / Radio 538 / RTL Nederland

Feel free to
contact me for a quote or any other enquiry.

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© Fredo Houben, 2014.

Logo / ID design Mobypicture - courtesy of Mobypicture
Sci-Fi Assault Rifle concepts
3D Visual - Bloodtype Matches
3D Visual - FSG Arcade stick
Bekkōbachi 5D Zero - Sky Fighter
Logo / ID design upcoming Web Comic project

some more work
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recent mobile pics
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latest custom Lego builds
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latest iPad paintings
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about Fredoichi
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Mac App Icon & Illustration concept - TBA - done on an iPad
Hand Lettered logo - Rebels app

recent stuff
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Miscellaneous icons & logos
Logo - Pixel Pancakes
3D Visual - Land Rover Piet Boon Design Edition
Digital Painting - Done with Sketchbook Pro
Digital painting & Hand lettering demo on an iPad using Procreate & Adobe Ideas
Digital speedpainting/Illustration on iPad - Ronin Rollers - Personal Project
Digital painting: Military Mech concept art
Icon Illustration
Image ALT text
iPad painting process done with Procreate app. 3 hours painting time, reference from the movie The Thing.
Retro flavoured logo/icon designs for upcoming client projects - tba
Digital Painting done on an iPad with Procreate, reference from the movie Se7en.
Image ALT text
Image ALT text
Image ALT text
Retro flavoured logo/icon designs for upcoming client projects - tba
Concept/Fanart - Star Wars Episode VII X-Wing Fighter - Painted on an iPad
Hand Lettered logo type design - Cellblock Boardshop
Image ALT text
Digital Speedpaint done on an iPad - Blade Runner movie scene